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The motorcycle batteries we find today are small and compact but their performance is perhaps much better than it was a few years ago. These batteries can be located at various locations depending upon the model of motorcycle you own. When buying a motorcycle battery it is essential to keep in mind factors such as size, amps, volts and capacity. The owners’ manual has specifications about the kind of battery your motorcycle requires. Read this carefully before you go and buy a replacement. Most new model batteries are sealed and these offer longer life and higher power.

Proper maintenance and a suitable climate can help you get the maximum use out of your motorcycle battery. For most batteries, checking the electrolyte level against the markings on the shell is helpful. You could top up with distilled water if required. Always check for any leakages that might occur. Check your motorcycle battery regularly to make sure that it is properly connected and secured. Ensure that it is always recharged at a 1/3 of the ampere hour rating of the battery.

Weather also plays an important role in determining the life of a battery. Heat can kill a battery whereas intense cold can cause a reduction in its available capacity. It is important to realize that all batteries will fail at some time. It is only a question of when. Should you happen to find yourself with a dead battery, there are some things you can keep in mind. If there is another motorbike handy then there is a strong possibility of bringing back your dead battery to like. With jumper cables you can connect the two batteries and recharge. Otherwise, turn on the motorcycle and try pushing it down a slope. As soon as you gather enough speed, release the clutch quickly. The bike should start. Try it again a couple of times and if all else fails turn to your cell phone and call for assistance!!

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