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Hearing Aid Batteries

For those who are hard of hearing or having some problem with their auditory system, hearing aids are a wonderful blessing. But these devices are also powered by batteries. Hearing aids come in a variety of sizes and shapes and the kind of battery used in each depends upon these factors. Most hearing aid batteries are made of zinc air and are quite small. As the name suggests zinc is the main component in these batteries. The hearing aid batteries of today last much longer than their predecessors did. Though quite similar to watch batteries these are not so long-lived.

Hearing aid batteries usually last for a couple of weeks and then need to be replaced. Sometimes the battery might appear to be dead owing to ear mold. In this case, cleaning the aid and battery can restore normal function. If the transmission is not loud enough or is intermittent, it is highly likely that the time has come to replace your hearing aid batteries. If your aid does not function normally even after trying with at least two batteries, the problem could be with your hearing device rather than the battery.

Try monitoring the time a battery lasts in your hearing aid. This way you can spot it immediately if there are any inconsistencies in the pattern over a period of time. The hearing aid batteries should be stored at room temperature at all times. Do not remove the tab on the back of the battery until just before you insert it into the hearing device. This tab exists to prevent air from mingling with the ingredients in the battery and activating them before required. Most batteries come in stipulated sizes and it is usually possible to use any manufacturer’s battery in your hearing device. You do not have to stick to a particular brand of battery unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer of the hearing device.

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